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"I have an Alyce/Hero pup!! He is absolutely the best dog ever!! He's beautiful, sweet, great with my kids and an awesome family dog! I would 100% recommend a puppy from Larson's Legacy for anyone thinking about an aussie!!"

Boggs_Dallas 3 yrs .JPEG

Lisa Novacek

I've been meaning to post this update for a long time! This is our "Dallas" (Hiro X Evie litter). We bought Dallas from Larson's Legacy Aussome Aussie Kennels last February. Chantelle was absolutely amazing during the entire process, keeping us informed and up to date about our little pupi until we could bring him home. She then made sure we had all the necessary information to keep him happy and healthy. We didn't realize it right at the time but this ended up being just before the pandemic and resulting quarantine. Dallas was truly the silver lining in this otherwise trying situation. He brought unmeasurable joy to our whole family while we worked and schooled daily from home, in particular to what would have been 4 very bored teenagers. He has continued to be an absolute blessing and true member of our family. He loves his daily job of tending to the horses and truly inserts himself into every family situation he can. He is so smart, loyal and a wonderful watchdog. We are so happy to have Dallas and I would highly recommend getting an Aussie from this breeder! 


Lyle_Milo 1 yr_edited.jpg

Andrea Taft

I have Milo, from Alyce and Hiro 2021, he's so fun and ABSOLUTELY beautiful. He loves everyone and is a quick learner. Working with LLAAK was very nice, she is great at communicating everything and even answers questions I still have about my pup. I truly think if anyone is looking for an Aussie they should go here!


Dimple_Opal 4 yrs.jpg

Nancy McClain

Chantelle is so wonderful to work with and so helpful and kind! I could tell she loves her pups and they are truly awesome Aussies! Our Opal is the sweetest pup and Chantelle always answers any questions or concerns I have had since we picked her up! She was so great to work with and I would recommend her to anyone interested in a beautiful addition to your family!

Pudge_Finley .jpg

Diana Lemieux

We got our puppy from Larson's and they are awesome!!! Chantelle was amazing to work with and they raise awesome dogs. If you get a puppy from them, they will answer any questions you may have to make sure the puppy is a good fit for your family. I still send pics and ask questions and he is 8 months old. I can't say enough good things about them!

Hannah Kaldahl.png

"These puppies are absolutely perfect. They come with some training and they are wonderfully smart. Chantelle is super helpful and knowledgeable as well! 10/10 would recommend."


Monstro_Apollo 1 yr.PNG

Laurel Falck

This was an amazing experience! Chantelle knows this breed intimately, and is taking the utmost care in the entire process. By eight weeks these puppies are well adjusted, they've been exposed to other animals, they've begun basic obedience training, they've begun crate training, and are already used to taking care of business on a tray lined with outdoor carpeting. Chantelle sends weekly, and I mean EVERY week, pictures of your baby along with a video. She sends you home with a folder with your puppy's medical records, their pedigree, and paperwork to register for AKC. New owners also go home with pages of info regarding the breed, tips on medications, potty training, feeding, obedience; the entire gambit! Chantelle is well organized, juggles her home life and dog and puppy life flawlessly and sends new owners home knowing without reservation that they've found someone who puts 110% into their breeding program. My mother was a Doberman breeder for many years, what we commonly and lovingly referred to as one of the "old timers;" she would have been impressed! Our daughter has decided that our recent little guy is hers, so when she takes off for the next leg of her life's journey, I'm heading back to Chantelle to find "my" next canine companion!


Hamm_Remi 3 yrs.jpg

Nicole Roettger

We got our Remi back in 2019. He has been the absolute best guy ever! We have never had an Aussie so cuddly. This was our best experience with a breeder. I run a daycare and it was important to have a well behaved dog. Remi can be around 8 kids 3 and under and he just loves them. We were really impressed with how Chantelle worked with her puppies before they went to their homes. Remi definitely won't be our last puppy from Larson's Legacy. 


Veterans day Shreve family Delta.PNG

Katie Shreve

Chantelle is fantastic to work with. She is very detailed and has a wealth of knowledge! Our puppy Delta has been a great addition to the family and is so sweet and smart! You can tell these puppies are showered with love from day one. 

Niki Kramlich Vaagene.png

"We had such a great experience ...If you are looking to bring a puppy into your life I would definitely call Larson's Legacy Aussome Aussie Kennels! They will forever hold a special place in our family."


Celia_Dolcezza 3 yrs _edited.jpg

Jill Passanisi

This is one of the very best experiences we have had. Not only did we get a healthy and happy puppy but we got a friend and a dog expert for life in our corner. We loved every single part of the process. The Friday updates were something we looked forward to very much and Chantelle was amazing with making sure we had our puppy fix even though we knew she was beyond busy with puppies climbing all over her. She worked so hard with the puppies, getting them crate trained and ready to come home with us. We can't say enough GREAT things about Chantelle and her kennel. Our hearts will never be the same and we thank you very much. Highly recommend contacting Larson's Legacy for a beautiful and well raised Australian Shepherd!  


Iridessa_Zoey reveiw.jpg

Madison Kitch

We got our Zoey almost a year ago. We had an amazing experience with Larson's Legacy Aussome Aussie Kennels. We received many updates and felt really involved with the process of her growing up before we brought her home. Not to mention their beautiful dogs and their awesome demeanor. We will definitely be back when we are ready to add another pup to the family!

Adelaide 6 months.jpg

Emilly Zimmer

If you are looking for a wonderful addition to your family, look no further! Chantelle is incredible to work with, made the process so easy, and is still willing to answer any questions that I have even though my dog is almost two years old! I wasn't able to pick my puppy up until she was 10 weeks, but when I did get her she was completely potty trained and started on basic obedience. My dog has never had any health problems and is very friendly and well socialized.

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