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A small breeder focused on producing superior quality pups that grow into versatile, energetic,

happy and healthy, show, working or family animals!

*  We only produce a couple of very special and anticipated litters throughout the year.

*  We are a small, family business located on 65 beautiful acres in the town of Durand, WI.

*  We take great care and pride in matching the perfect canines together in our effort to produce superior quality pups that grow into versatile, energetic, happy and healthy,

show, working, companion or family animal.


I have been blessed and am able to stay at home with our dogs and our five children during the week. We all work together to ensure our dogs (and other critters) receive the very best of care. From helping with the feeding and watering to brushing and bathing we are all involved in making sure our dogs stay happy and healthy. All of our dogs from our oldest adult to our youngest pup enjoy the daily interactions with our children and a loving life in an indoor home. We ensure our pups all get lots of socialization through outside sources and come to you pre-spoiled. We are determined to provide healthy, happy, intelligent and energetic puppies that will grow into the healthy, capable, enjoyable, and well-rounded adults that your family will be proud of!

All of our adorable pups are raised in our home, alongside their parents, whom are all full-time house and family pets. They are socialized and handled from day one ensuring that they will come home to you already well invested on their way to being the wonderful and balanced dog that you envision for your family!

We understand the importance of early training in this amazing breed (and all breeds) and are dedicated to providing you not only life-time support with your new family member but puppies will come to you already introduced into basic obedience training along with house and crate training.

Due to our desire to not only provide families with the perfect pet but also to enjoy our own dogs we have only a couple of highly anticipated litters per year which limits availability, for serious inquires please contact Chantelle through message, call, text or email.

I am looking forward to hearing from and working with you on this amazing journey to find the perfect family pet!

God Bless!



One of our biggest assets is our deep concern for the 'full picture' future outlook of our puppies.

While we only get them for 8 short weeks each and every one of them stays in our hearts forever.
One of our deepest desires is to give our puppies the largest base possible to set them up for future success with their new families so that they have the greatest chance possible of having that 'forever' family that every great breeder dreams of for their puppies that very first time around.

We are a nonworking line Australian Shepherd breeding program. Our program specifically concentrates on producing dogs that, when compared to working line Australian Shepherds, display:

*   ease of training  *  high devotion  *  lower energy needs  *  zero herding drive

*  social and gentle in nature  no reactivity  *   tend to mature more quickly 


When time and schedule allows we greatly enjoy doing volunteer therapy work with some of our adult dogs. They are very suited to it as they are very mild in temperament, mellow, calm and friendly.


I worked as a dog trainer before I had children and got hands on experience and knowledge working with a variety of different breeds - that’s when I fell in absolute love with the Australian Shepherd. It was fate that led me to a breeder who coached and encouraged me to join other responsible breeders in the effort of further refining the nonworking line.


We officially started our breeding program in 2014 with the help and mentorship of this breeder.  I am determined to share this amazing canine with other families that are looking to get a dog that can be everything they need and want in just one breed.  In my opinion, they are the ultimate pet for any family desiring a dog that can be versatile in their uses. They will spend a day happily lazy with you as well as be an energetic companion for a family camping trip or romp at the local dog park; their only desire is to be near you and make you happy.

I have a passion in showing the world how amazing these dogs are for family living. I have no doubt that this breed has been so over-looked as a companion pet, I think that people have been led to believe them too energetic for family life or that they are solely working dogs. I’m very excited to get the chance to work toward changing that misconception by getting the word out there that non-working lines even exist as well as further refining them!





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