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Waiting Lists

Welcome to the furry family!

We have three types of waiting lists:

Selection Deposit List

This list is also known as our "Primary Deposit List". There is a deposit of $100 required to reserve a place in line to choose your puppy and we only accept names of 5 families for this list per expected litter. Due to the speed at which our puppies get adopted this list is HIGHLY recommended for families that are wanting to be particular about the physical characteristics of their puppy (most specifically, families wanting merles). Families on this list get regular updates through text as pregnancy progresses and when labor starts. Once puppies arrive and pictures/videos have been taken all of them for each individual puppy are released to the families one at a time and in order of their names on the list. The next family doesn't receive pictures of the remaining available puppies until the one in front of them have chosen theirs etc. If a family sees a puppy they want and decide they would like to add it to their family they will send in an additional $200 deposit to complete the required amount of $300 to hold them until they are 8 weeks old and ready for pick up. If they do not see a puppy they like they can transfer their deposit over to any other available spots on future lists (Deposits are nonrefundable except through breeder discretion - if we don’t have a puppy available that meets the requirements you specified, not enough puppies were born, no litter results etc). Deposits are always transferable. 



Basic Waiting List

This list is also known as our "Secondary Waiting List". There is no deposit required as we cannot guarantee a puppy for families on this list and there is no limit to the amount of names we will accept on this list (they have gotten as large as 40 families for one litter). We do request that any families who have chosen to have their information placed on this list get in touch with us if they discover they are no longer interested or if they find a puppy elsewhere so that we can keep the information accurate and up to date for inquiring families. Once puppies arrive and the first 5 families have chosen their newest additions the pictures/videos of the newborns remaining available for deposit get sent out to all of the families on this list via text at the same time. Since all families on these waiting lists have already been vetted and approved for adoption through us puppies are then reserved in order of deposits received on a 'first come, first served' basis. Deposits are $300 (unless of course a family has already placed a deposit of $100 with us on a list for a later litter. In that case, their remaining deposit is only $200 and the spot they have reserved on the later litter gets filled by the families waiting behind them in line; everyone moves up one spot) to reserve your puppy until they are 8 weeks or older and ready for pick up. Once a family expresses intent to send a deposit the puppy of their choice is considered 'pending' for up to 5 business days to allow the check to reach us (we also accept Venmo for deposits) - during that time the puppy is not considered available to other families for reservation. 

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Open Waiting List

This list is our "Open Waiting List".  This functions almost the same as the Basic Waiting List (as far as there being no deposit required and the picking process begins after the first 5 families on the deposit list from the newest litter have chosen their puppies). This list doesn't open until January 1st of the current year and runs until all litters for that year have been born. This is the list where we put families that, in our best judgement, are seriously interested/willing to wait and that are not particular on which pair of parents they want their puppy to come from. They get sent updates on all litters throughout the year until they are no longer interested or adopt a puppy.

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We reserve the right to refuse to allow the purchase and/or adoption to any person(s) of any and/or all animals from our breeding services and/or under our care, at any time, and/or for any reason.

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